Things Are Good

Things feel good. I need to update my rule list, because after much discussion and much back and forth we don’t really have rules – well that’s a lie, we have one, but I will get to that. I have said much over how when little one refuses to follow rules, it is incredibly disrespectful, […]

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Organizing Closet

When little one and I first started playing, and then as our relationship grew, so did our toys. At first, we haphazardly shoved them in a closet and covered them up so housemates wouldn’t see them inadvertently. Then about 8 months ago, we switched rooms and got an armoir type piece of furniture, and I […]

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I didn’t write the entire month of December. I thought about it a lot. I think about kink and writing a lot, but my laptop is slow and typing on my phone isn’t satisfying, and let’s face it, when little one is home I would far rather be mindlessly playing with her shoulder than I […]

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I am smaller than her. She has about 6″ on Me, she can wrap her arms around Me and hold Me a lot easier than I can her – not that she does, I am the big spoon, and I like it that way. I am just very conscious of My size. I haven’t hated […]

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I have been told My entire life that I have a tone, I have a tone that makes Me sound like I am better than everyone, makes it sound like I am a bitch, and makes Me sound mean. I have been told to watch My tone, that it hurts people. I have worked very […]

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Happy Anniversary

Today marks 9 years. 9 years since we met on a corner of a busy street after telling her I loved her. 9 years after an awkward walk in light rain where all I wanted to do was kiss her – I think we may have held hands. She has become My world, in so […]

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I’ve been absent

…in a lot of ways. I haven’t been writing here because I have been embarrassed. I have not been the Daddy I want. I have not had the dynamic I want. W/we have talked lots. I have brought up the dynamic a few times, it always seems to be Me bringing it up. That worries […]

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