When life gives you lemons

…and you mistake them for oranges. I don’t know. This is challenging. Niether of us have done in this in any sort of real life situation before, or with each other. It feels so hard sometimes. I know what I want. That feels both very terrifying and very very exciting. Above all else I want […]

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Primal Scene

We did a scene a little while ago that felt the most primal I have allowed Myself to feel. It started out as a massage and a light spanking, and ended up in a place where I had not been. The details are slightly foggy, after all this time – remember that post about Me […]

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D/s and NRE

I feel like I have touched on this before, but I am far too lazy and my computer far too slow to go back and check. In the poly land there is a word or an acronym I guess called “NRE” it stands for new relationship energy and it’s a big deal in the poly […]

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Wax brought us back

The first time I played with little one as my own instead of merely trying to give her release while she belonged to another we used wax. It was the first time I had ever really topped in a scene that was mine, and it was her first time ever experiencing wax – I have […]

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I have a confession, or rather, I have been hiding something because it really really bothers Me. A while ago now I was putting little one’s collar on and it broke. Right in my hands, it broke. I cried, if I am being honest. It happened at a time when things were rough between us. […]

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I’m starting to question whether the things I think I want, are actually things that I want. I say this in respect to thinking about kneeling lately. I love, absolutely love, the idea of having my girl kneel for me, near me, because of me. I would love her to kneel any time, any where. […]

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Little one and I played the other night. We hadn’t played in quite some time, due to schedules, and it was all I could to keep myself waiting all day. I experimented with rope and her body first, and it did not go as smoothly as I intended, the tutorial, though presented in a great […]

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