Online Community

Everyone has heard of FetLife. I was on FetLife very actively, and I still am – only under a different username, and I don’t go on much at all. I used to go to munches and parties and I don’t anymore. I started to realized that I missed something – I don’t think it was the specific people, maybe it was – maybe I am still feeling hurt, it was the ability to talk about this with other people, to ask questions, to grow with other people’s experiences – it was the community.

I ended up joining this Facebook group, and it has been wonderful to be able to talk a bit about some problems, or specific situations or just brag a bit. It sounds so silly and so cliché to Me, but having a community really does help. I do wish I had found them earlier, but that’s always the case with things like these.

I am not really sure what My point is with this entry. I guess I want to give kudos to all the other people in this lifestyle who put themselves out there and make themselves vulnerable in front of people they have never met. I like that you are all there, and I appreciate you.


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