Organizing Closet

When little one and I first started playing, and then as our relationship grew, so did our toys. At first, we haphazardly shoved them in a closet and covered them up so housemates wouldn’t see them inadvertently. Then about 8 months ago, we switched rooms and got an armoir type piece of furniture, and I immediately wanted to use the cupboard and shelves on top to hold on my toys, and then hang my floggers on the side. It was all planned.

However, life happened. It didn’t.

Until about 3 weeks ago when little one was out for the day and I had the whole entire house to myself. If I am being absolutely honest, I meditated for a little but, put on an outfit that I feel epically confidant in, including the strap part of the strap on because well..practicality and the jeans make the look. I got myself in the zone and I took each piece, each toy, each length of rope out of that closet – some of which hasn’t been used yet, and laid it on the bed. Then I went through them again as I organized them and placed them in their spots. I thought about all the times I could remember using a particular instrument, all the plans and things I wanted to do with new ones. I thought about how each item made Me feel, and also about how cool some of them look. I have two very different rainbow floggers. I wish I had a larger space to use the bigger one but it’s a mean son of a bitch, especially wielded with two hands.

I also realized what I am missing. I want more sharp things. I remedied this a bit by purchasing a whartenburg wheel, but I want more knives, especially one I can carry around. I want more leather – both in my closet and on my person. I want to play with more things and have more options. I need more candles for wax play for sure, I wish I knew who sold them locally, I can’t seem to find out online. I want more rope, and more importantly, I want books with step by step instructions on basic ties so I can create my own. I’ve tried to watch videos and find them challenging.

At the end of the day, the closet was organized, and though it isn’t as pretty looking now, I know where it all is, and I love that it’s Mine.



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