About U/us

I, Daddy, was born in 1985. I entered the kink community in March of 2016, attended My first munch, and My first party in May of that year. I went through a string of bad D-types: D-types looking to prey on people new to the scene and unfamiliar with what it was supposed to look like. I made a lot of poor choices. I had My first serious D-type in July. He was abusive. I was naive. I left him in October. I was then taken into formal D/s high protocol training by a very well known Dom who is Old Guard. I was under his training until late 2017. He introduced Me to another Dominant, and I became His submissive 24/7. I wore His consideration collar. We were long distance, I was beginning My dynamic with little one, and realizing who I really was and what I enjoyed. He is a wonderful man, we still talk, but I ended things in January 2018. I have experience as a submissive, and I think that helps here. I feel lucky that I went down that path first as it provides a deeper understanding and gives Me some additional tools. I am firmly Daddy, firmly a Dominant. I am a masochist, but I am not a submissive.

little one, born in 1987, joined the community the same time I did and went to her first munch and first party with Me. she began dating a Domme, her first Daddy, in April 2016. her Daddy was also abusive, and W/we are working through that now. she has experience as a 24/7 in person submissive. With My previous Dom’s, it was long distance, so the dynamic wasn’t always so physically present. little one knows what it is like to actually live it 24/7, and have the relationship style be ingrained into every part of your life. she left the Domme in July of 2017. she is amazing, gorgeous, and she makes every part of My left better simply by existing in it. she is a brat, but she is My brat. she delights Me, and I love her so impossibly much.

*updated May 2018