Rules and Rituals

Speech ReThese are a list of our rules and rituals and the date they were added/taken away:

  1. little one will serve Daddy coffee every morning they are both home. (January 2018)
  2. little one must always ask permission to touch herself and to orgasm. (January 2018)
  3. Daddy has a spot on the couch and little one will always vacate it for Her. (January 2018)
  4. little one is not allowed to modify her body without Daddy’s express permission.
  5. little one will serve Daddy dinner and wait until she is thanked before sitting herself. (February 2018)
  6. little one is not to cross her ankles, or legs, her body must always be accessible when Daddy wants to make use of it. (February 2018)
  7. Daddy will order both food and drink whenever W/we go out. (January 2018)
  8. Daddy will always pay when W/we are out together. (January 2018)
  9. little one will walk on the left side of Daddy and slightly behind at all reasonable times. (W/we have kids and a dog so I can’t expect it all the time). (January 2018)
  10. Speech Requirements: Each infraction will earn one needle given each night. s: July 2018)
    1. little will will always answer Yes/No questions with; “yes, Daddy” or “no, Daddy”. (February 2018)
    2. When a task is given, or little one is told to do something, it must be acknowledged properly; “Understood”, “Yes, Daddy” “Do I have to, I really don’t want to *whine *whine *whine, Yes, Daddy” (July 2018)
    3. When in the presence of non consenting individuals – “Daddy” shall be replaced by “Love”. (August 2018)
  11. little one will hold Daddy’s hand when in a parking lot or crossing a street. (May 2018)
  12. Daddy will open all doors for little one. (May 2018)
  13. little one will be expected to remember the following positions:
    1. Waiting (February 2018)
    2. Kneel (January 2018)
    3. Tower (February 2018)
    4. Tower Wide (February 2018)
    5. Inspection (February 2018
  14. “Go” or “Come” indicates that little one will retreat to the bedroom, shut the door, kneel, head lowered, hands open on knees and wait for Daddy. she is not permitted to speak – unless answering a direct question, and she is not permitted to raise her head until she is given permission to do so. (February 2018).
  15. little one is responsible for helping determine Daddy’s wardrobe. she is permitted to shop for Daddy, pick out items to try on, and does not need to ask permission to do so. (April 2018)
  16. little one is expected to sit on Daddy’s left side, or at Daddy’s feet. (May 2018)